Medical Tourism in South Africa

Zenzele offers the ideal break away for the recovery phase of your medical condition, whether recovery from an operation or other medical condition.



 Medical Tourism Information
  • Only 60min tar road drive north of Pretoria

  • Medical doctor and/or nursing staff on standby

  • 4 Star accommodation with a la carte restaurant, game drives

  • Wonderful relaxing facilities on the banks of the Eland River in the shade of some of the biggest Monkey Thorn Trees (Acasia Galpinii)

  • Transportation to and from Pretoria or Johannesburg can be arranged for own account

  • Ideal for patients from abroad or far away that needs a follow up visit to your doctor within 5-10 days post-operative.

What are post-operative care?


  • Post-operative care is the management of a patient after surgery.

  • The goal of post-operative care is to prevent complications and to speed up recovery with the assistance of qualified medical personnel on call.


Post-operative care involves:
  • Medical assessment, diagnosis, planning, evaluation. The extent of postoperative care required by each patient depends on the original health status of the patient, the type of surgery, and where the surgery was performed.

  • The physiotherapist/doctor will guide the patient in post surgical rehabilitation and will provide hands-on individually tailored treatments where neccesary.

  • Medical tourists to take part in a formal Wellness Program offered by Zenzele River Lodge near Pretoria to enhance their healing process with peace of mind that they are in good hands and are well taken care of in a place with peace & tranquillity. 


Come and experience peace and tranquillity during your post-op and medical recovery phase.

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What is medical tourism?


Medical tourism, or health tourism, occurs when patients travel to a foreign country in order to receive medical treatment. This type of tourism is increasingly being referred to as ‘global healthcare’. ‘Medical tourism’ generally implies a packaged tour organised by an agent that specialises in arranging health-related travel, whilst ‘health tourism’ implies travel across borders in order to receive health rejuvenation. The latter term has also been used to imply wellness travel, such as visiting hot springs that emphasises spirituality or rejuvenation. Medical tourism will be used for the purposes of this paper to refer to those seeking medical procedures either through an organised tour or individually.


Patients travel to another country in order to receive faster, cheaper or better medical services than they would receive in their home countries. This can include a wide array of procedures ranging from elective and preventative procedures to urgent care. The most popular elective medical procedures include joint replacements (hip and knee), cardiac surgery and cosmetic surgeries (liposuction, breast augmentation and facelifts).


Medical tourism packages often offer a consultation, treatment (surgery), a physical therapist and personal assistant, and recovery in a spa. Medical tourism therefore offers the patient a chance to receive medical treatment and recover in a vacation-like setting. Oftentimes patients recuperate at medical tourism hotels that resemble five-star hotels. They can also opt to partake in tourism activities in the host country prior to departing from it.


Zenzele River Lodge offers excellent facilities and staff to assist with your medical tourism needs.